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Buying A Home

Buying A Home

So you want to buy a home....well, I'm here to help your mind relax and reduce the stresses that can sometimes arrise when during this process. My Buyer Services Package includes all the items below absolutely FREE!

  1. Finding Out What You Really Want and Need
    Once I can better understand your wants, needs and timeline, we can streamline our search together. My goal is to find you the BEST HOME at the BEST PRICE and terms that are suitable to your budget.  Knowing what you want can also help me find you a place that hasn't even hit the market yet!
  2. Getting You Pre-Qualified
    At your request I can suggest a mortgage specialist that would be most suited to you and your needs. Working with these professionals will guarantee you know exactly how much you qualify for and it will help narrow our search for a home the price range that is best for you.  Once we know this we will notify you as soon as new listings become available.
  3. Heading Out On The Town & Getting You Up To Speed
    As properties come up that suit your needs, we will touch base to see if they are of interest to you and then arrange a convenient time to go take a look at the property.  With our individualized seach system, when there are changes to your search criteria or changes to one of the listings, you receive immediate e-mail notification. 
  4. Writing An Offer You Can Understand With The Terms And Conditions You Want
    Once you find the right home and make the decision to purchase it, you'll want to move quickly. With our help, your offer is written on your terms. With professional guidance, your offer is correct and all conditions you require are included. If you need it, you will get the time to consult with banks, appraisers, building inspectors, and family - without any pressure from us. With these conditions written in for your protection, you can move quickly and confidently to secure the home you desire.
  5. Presentating The Offer & Negotiating For You
    The majority of people expect a little negotiating when they list their homes, and this is normally the case.  Having someone in your corner who knows the market and the neighborhood prices is valuable when it comes to negotiating. I'm here to assist you through the entire buyer experience making sure you have all the information at hand to make the right decisions and to ensure you get the best purchase price for your new home.
  6. Organize Financing and Building Inspection
    Feeling comfortable with your purchase is a crucial part of the home buying experience. Tihs comes from making sure the proper financing is in place and that you know that your new home doesn't come with any hidden surprises.
    In order to do this, we recommend hiring a professional home inspector. Having the right professional is the way to gain peace of mind and protect your pocket book. A proper inspection will cover all areas of the house both structurally and mechanically and give you an objective view of the property. A qualified home inspector will provide you with a written report indicating areas of concern and the estimated cost of repair. For remcommendations on mortgage specialists and home instepctors, please refer to my Trusted Professionals listing.
  7. Helo To Assist and Coordinate Physical Moves
    As a real estate professional, we have made reliabel, trusted contacts with local lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, builders, and other skilled experts to help you find and secure the new property for your family.  In order to help you make that final move into your home or even after all is said and done, I would be happy to coordinate or put you in touch with some of this people to make your life easier.

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